About Mamma Mia:

Café Mamma Mia is basically a bakery café. The concept of Café Mamma Mia is to provide the consumers an experience of shopping specialty breads, cakes, pastries and snacks of European origin using Indian fruits, vegetables and spices.

In addition, 100% natural fruit and vegetable juices are on offer to experience true nature’s gift in juice form, besides a selection of smoothies – a blend of exotic and seasonal, chilled
fruits, fruit pulp, dry fruits and selected spices such as blueberries, strawberries, apples, bananas, dates, ginger, tofu, etc with or without sugar or honey.

A choice of seasonal and exotic vegetables with premium mayonnaise and tofu are used with standard white bread, whole wheat bread, multigrain bread and croissants to make cold and grilled sandwiches with an option of extra cheese.

A similar option is available in pizzas with a selection of farm fresh toppings viz onions & capsicum rings, olives & jalapenos, baby corn & sweet corn kernels, tomatoes & mushrooms, with mozzarella cheese, tofu and Italian herbs like oregano, rosemary, dill, red chilli flakes, etc. on choice.

Baker’s choice, soft bun with butter & farm fresh onions, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots with or without mayonnaise, tofu and cheddar cheese with a crunchy vegetable cutlet laced with fresh lettuce makes our Signature Burger.

Pasties are made with selected farm fresh vegetables, which are cooked and filled into puff pastry dough and baked to give a new experience.

Fried snacks: Crispy veg cutlets, samosas, French fries.

Coffee: Indian Robusta and Arabica coffee beans are now Europe’s favourite and we offer farm-picked coffee beans to give you aromatic cappuccino, café latte, espresso, mocha and cold coffee from Italian Carimali machine.

Tea: Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri teas are the choice of Indians and are available with us, both hot and cold, with exotic masalas: lemon, ginger, mint, cardamom, etc.

Pastas, lasagna

Bake stable fruit fillings: Croissants and Danish pastry come with exotic fruit fillings like blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, orange and custard. Freshly fried donuts dipped in Belgium chocolate sauce, with toppings of chocolate vermicelli, grated chocolate with dry fruits and nuts.

Muffins: banana and apple.

Mousse: Non-dairy cream layered with chocolate sauce in different flavours: orange, chocolate, vanilla, etc.

Celebration cakes:

Seasonal specials: Jackfruit- most gifted 100% organic fruit is used during the season to make choice of cakes, pastries, pizzas, buns and pudding.

Cookies: 18 flavours are available, of which 12 are regular and 6 are premium.

Rolls: Farm fresh vegetables cooked and filled in machine made bread and chapathi rolls.

For lovers of Indian cuisine, we offer pizzas, sandwiches, burgers and rolls with curry made of vegetables and paneer with Indian masalas.

Packed Beekays’ foods are the added attraction for take home.

NOTE: Except for the packed and celebration cakes which are available with egg or eggless, all other products of Café Mamma Mia are 100% vegetarian.